Current Advances in Stem Cell-based Therapies for Hair Regeneration

Alopecia is resulted from various factors that can decrease the regeneration capability of hair follicles and affect hair cycles. This process can be devastating physically and psychologically. Nevertheless, the available treatment strategies are limited, and the therapeutic outcomes are not satisfactory.

According to the possible pathogenesis of nonscarring alopecia, especially androgenetic alopecia, recovering or replenishing the signals responsible for hair follicle stem cells activation is a promising strategy for hair regeneration. Recently, stem cell-based therapies, especially those based on the stem cell-derived conditioned medium (CM), which is secreted by stem cells and is rich in paracrine factors, have been widely explored as the hair regenerative medicine. Several studies have focused on altering the composition and up-regulating the amount of secretome of the stem cells, thereby enhancing its therapeutic effects.

STEMBIO Cell and Tissue Center is also planning to produce advanced cellular products for an alternative and effective treatment for patients suffering from hair loss by following these developments in hair transplantation / regeneration and creating stem cell products enriched with exosomes.

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