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StemTissue provides services by processing, storing and distributing human-derived allograft tissue products under the umbrella of Stembio, Turkey's largest Cord Blood, Cell and Tissue Center with cGMP / cGTP standards.

Our center collects the donated organs and tissues nationwide, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, under safe conditions and processes them with the high-level infrastructure, equipment and experts at Tübitak Marmara Technopolis. The processed human tissue products are stored at world standards in accordance with the relevant Turkish and EU legislation and are offered to our physicians to be used in line with the needs.

Human tissues processed in GMP Class B clean rooms can be prepared in many different sizes, forms and volumes in accordance with the changing needs of physicians according to the patients.Our services include effective biotechnological products that shorten treatment time in many fields of medicine. Through these services, Stemtissue offers more economical and reliable products to the use of Turkish medicine compared to tissue products imported from abroad.

What is among our human-derived tissue products;

  • Heart valves, pericardium and vascular options used in cardiovascular surgery,
  • Amniotic membrane options used in dermatology, ophthalmology and plastic surgery,
  • Muscoskeletal tissue products used in orthopedics and oral/dental/jaw surgery (such as bone powder/chip/cube, femoral head, tendon, cartilage…),
  • Skin banking products
  • Corneal banking products.