An important collaboration from Global Stem Cells Group and StemBio

Global Stem Cells Group and StemBio aim to break new ground in the field of Regenerative Medicine through their Collaboration Protocol!

The best experts in the field of regenerative medicine, which aims to chance, repair or regenerate human or animal cells, tissues or organs to restore damaged tissues or organs due to various reasons such as disease, trauma, or congenital issues, gathered at the World Regenerative Medicine Congress held in Istanbul.

Global Stem Cells Group, a world-leading organization in regenerative medicine based in the United States, and StemBio, a renowned leader in regenerative medicine in Turkey, have formed a strategic partnership. The details of this signicant partnership were shared during a press conference held as part of the ISSCA World Regenerative Medicine Congress 2023. The speakers at the press conference included Benito Novas, Founder of Global Stem Cell Group and Public Relations Director of ISSCA (International Society for Stem Cell Applications); İbrahim Özsu, Chairman of the Board of StemBio; İlker Halbutoğulları, CEO of StemBio; M. Salih Yıldırım, Director of International Operations at Global Stem Cells Group; and David Cheresthensen, President of Global Stem Cells Group

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