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Regenerative medicine has come a long way with the developing technology in recent years. Although developments in the diagnosis and diagnosis of diseases continue at a dizzying pace, hundreds of animals are affected every year by some insoluble diseases. Stem cells provide us with important opportunities to treat these diseases. In the world, the clinical use of stem cells in veterinary medicine has come to the fore in recent years.

Every year, dozens of pets are put to sleep due to trauma-related paralysis or die in a short time due to difficult conditions. The use of mesenchymal stem cells in the treatment of such strokes provides an important chance of treatment. Stem cells have become a hope in the treatment of kidney failure, which is also very common in cats. In addition to all these, the immunoregulatory and suppressive properties of mesenchymal stem cells provide clinical use in autoimmune diseases and allergies (atopy). Autologous or allogeneic stem cells are used in orthopedics in joint diseases, horses and dogs, tendon and ligament injuries, and significant success is achieved. It is the only real cure opportunity in the treatment of very painful stomatitis and gingivitis in cats.

StemAnima, which aims to closely follow and lead the developments in the world, works to increase the quality of life of our animal friends by repairing damaged tissues and healing musculoskeletal injuries. With cellular therapies, which are the new generation treatment forms, our animal friends can be helped to pass their old age more comfortably by treating and protecting the cell, and the risk of disease can be reduced as well as curing the diseases.

In the future, it is aimed to treat the cell, not the disease, and to protect the cell from getting sick with Anti-Aging programs.