The Young Patient, who could not Walk Due to Cartilage Damage, Regained Her Health with Cartilage Transplantation

Dental assistant Ms. Büşra Şükriye Şahin (41) consulted a doctor in 2020 due to knee pain that first affected her work life and then prevented her from walking. A cartilage transplant was performed on Ms. Şahin, whose complaints did not resolve despite the treatments, by Orthopedics and Traumatology specialist Prof. Dr. Gökhan Meriç and his team.

Ms. Büşra Şükriye Şahin, who had difficulty in continuing her daily life activities despite her young age due to the cartilage damage in her knee, was able to return to her old life with the transplantaiton of a cartilage taken from a donor. Prof. Dr. Gökhan Meriç said that the chance of success in cartilage transplant surgeries is quite high and emphasized that tissue transplantation is at least as important as organ transplantation.