Production Department

The production department, which operates in cGMP B and A class sterile areas located in cGMP B and C class laboratories, has the ability to process both cell and tissue products in the same time period. This feature is available in very few centers in the world.

Quality Control Department

It is our department, which has the infrastructure and equipment to perform sterility, toxicity, pyrogenicity, genetic analysis, tumorigenicity analysis, flow-cytometry analysis, cellular analysis and environmental quality control processes.

All necessary quality controls of all raw cells and tissues, consumables, and all cell and tissue products coming from the center are carried out in this department.

The Department is able to keep under control 24/7 that the Center meets the cGMP environmental standards.

Cryopreservation Department

In our cryopreservation department, which has the capacity to bank 20,000 cellular products, 10,000 cord blood and 10,000 tissue products with our existing infrastructure, within GMP-controlled areas, there are liquid nitrogen tanks, -86°C deep freezers, and gradual freezing devices where cells and tissues can be frozen without losing their vitality.

Product Acceptance Department

It is our department where all raw cell and tissue materials and consumables coming to the center are taken to quarantine areas, samples are made and necessary controls are carried out and admitted to the center.