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Through the developments in the biotechnological field, the realization of medical applications involving cell and tissue products is becoming easier and more effective today. With these products, it is aimed to make them routine in clinical applications by aiming to restore their former functions through regeneration of damaged tissues and organs.

The necessary conditions for the production of human cell and tissue products have been set by the supreme board of the United States and the European Union, and the facilities producing these products are required to operate in accordance with cGMP standards (current Good Manufacturing Practices).

StembioCell operates in the field of cellular products in cGMP standards under the umbrella of Stembio, a hybrid cell and tissue center. All operations and production processes, from raw tissue supply to the delivery of the final product to the user, are instantly recorded and monitored continuously.

The processing, production and storage of cellular products are carried out in clean rooms with particle, pressure, temperature and humidity control. After all the products produced are tested for compliance with the quality control specifications created at high standards by our team with over 10 years of experience, the final products are offered to physicians with temperature-controlled transport bags for clinical applications.

What is among our cellular products;

  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell products
  • Hematopoietic Stem Cell products
  • Tissue Engineering cellular products (such as Fibroblast, Chondroblast)
  • Immunotherapy products
  • Stromal Cellular products