A Bank of Life at -196 Degrees! ‘The İmportation of Tissue and Cells Amounting to 600 Million Dollars Annually Has Started to Decrease Now’

The tissue and cell transplantation center, which is as important as UAVs and UCAVs in the event of a potential war, disaster or calamity, opened its doors to AKŞAM. Prof. Dr. Ateş has said, “Thanks to this center, heart valve, cartilage, meniscus as well as thymus transplantation was performed for the first time in our country. We got rid of foreign dependency”.

Stembio, which has been established within the TÜBİTAK MARTEK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey Marmara Technopolis) R&D and Innovation region as a new generation biotechnology base, strives to bring to Turkey the new health technologies that emerge at the cellular and molecular level around the world. The center, which provides services in the fields of stem cell and tissue technologies, is the first and only hybrid cell-tissue center in Turkey. In his statement to AKŞAM daily newspaper, the General Medical Director of the center, Histology and Embryology Specialist Prof. Dr. Utku Ateş emphasized that the tissue and stem cell bank has a strategic importance as much as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAVs). Prof. Dr. Ateş underlined that Turkey's annual tissue and cell purchase amounting to 600 million dollars has decreased thanks to this center, resulting in less foreign dependency in this regard.