Miracle in Baby’s Cord Blood Saves Lives

You can either save it for your family's health or donate and give hope to others

The umbilical cord, which is the bond between the mother and her baby, and the blood in it are the purest and richest sources of stem cells in the body. Cord blood and cord tissue, which can be easily collected and preserved for many years after birth, are a potential support for the future health of both the baby and his/her family. Prof. Dr. Utku Ateş, General Medical Director of Stembio, Turkey's first and only hybrid cell and tissue center shared information about new treatment possibilities. Prof. Dr. Ateş has said: “The stem cells in the cord blood and cord tissue, which are easily collected and preserved after birth, can provide treatment for many diseases, especially blood diseases such as leukemia, lymphoma, thalassemia, and different types of cancer”.

Stem cell applications, along with relevant clinical research and applications that emerged in the 1950s, ushered in a new era in the world of medicine and biotechnology for the treatment of many diseases. The blood in the cord tissue that connects the mother's placenta and the baby stands out as one of the purest and richest stem cell sources in the body.